After two previous podium wins, Sascha Lenz unfortunately could not secure a place on the winner’s podium this time. Here is an overview of the race weekend.

The Nürburgring has always been one of the biggest challenges for motor sportsmen in the Eiffel – and of course also in truck racing. Last weekend (30 June) it was time again and the who’s who of truck racing met in the “green hell” to master the 3rd race weekend of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

Sascha Lenz with the #30 was confronted with several challenges. He was not only hit and shot in the first race right after the start by another truck, but in the third race as well. These unwanted pirouettes contributed significantly to Sascha – although he started from a very good P5 – ending up on P9 and P10. He also finished the second race on P9. At the last race he showed what he was made of and drove on P5, so that he could finish the weekend without a cup, but with the feeling that much more is possible. The best conditions for mastering the fourth race weekend in Slovakia in two weeks with fresh motivation. We are sure that victory is possible again.

This time the podium included Steffi Halm, who celebrated her first place in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. We congratulate her on this success and wish her all the best for the future.