Now also the second MANN-FILTER Mamba has bitten at the ADAC GT Masters 2018: In time for the half-time of the season, Indy Dontje and Maximilian Buhk scored their first victory together. After a great qualifying by Indy the MANN-FILTER Team HTP Mercedes-AMG GT3 started from P2 to Saturday’s race at the Nürburgring. Although they dropped back one position at the start, the #48 drivers and team showed a flawless race – and were rewarded with the long-awaited success in the end. After the pit stop, Maxi Buhk returned to the track in second place, quickly overtaking his opponent and winning the race. “The car was a dream over the whole distance, the stop sensational, and Indy did perfect preparatory work. A huge thank you to the whole team, that was really a perfect team performance,” Maxi sums up – and Indy adds: “I am very happy about our first victory. I think we deserve it!”

Markus Pommer started from position 5 on the Sister Snake #47. However, he lost 3 positions at the start – even though he was in third place for a short time: “I was driving next to Indy and wanted to give him enough space. At the exit of curve 2, I hit the artificial grass and promptly found myself in eighth place,” Pommer comments. Thanks to an equally excellent performance in the race and during the pit stop and four successful overtaking manoeuvres by Maximilian Götz, it was in the end enough for P4, which finally became 3rd place due to a subsequent penalty for another car. With this we have achieved a yellow-green double podium – unfortunately without the corresponding photos.

To make the success complete the MANN-FILTER Team HTP Motorsport became half-time champion in the team ranking on Saturday. An all-round successful racing day at the ADAC GT Masters at the Nürburgring…

In the qualification for the Sunday race, our two Maximilians were able to continue the success of the previous day and placed the MANN-FILTER Mambas on P3 (#48) and P4 (#47). Unfortunately, the starting place was withdrawn from the #48 afterwards, because the remaining fuel quantity of 3 litres required by the regulations was not verifiable. Maxi Buhk had to start from the 35th grid position at the very end of the field and was additionally loaded with 30 kilograms of success weight from the previous day. “This shows what would have been possible despite the extra weight”, Dontje struggles – he and Buhk were finally able to fight their way up to 17th place thanks to another great team performance.

On the other hand, things went much better for the team-mates on the #47, starting from a podium position Götz lost a place at the start. “I suddenly had the Corvette in front of me – I don’t know how she came there from position 10 at once,” Götz comments. Nevertheless, he was able to hand over the MANN-FILTER Mamba in third position to Pommer, who can certainly be celebrated as a day hero. With a perfectly timed “hammer manoeuvre”, as team-mate Götz laudably called it, he succeeded in overtaking his opponent in the final corner and finished second. “I was getting closer and I quickly saw that I had more grip. I used a small mistake from Mike to brake very close to him in front of the chicane and was able to put myself next to him thanks to the good traction and the beary torque of my MANN-FILTER mamba at the exit. And so he didn’t have any chance when he turned to start and finish,” he happily comments.

This means that they are now only one point apart from the top of the overall standings. Dontje and Buhk are currently in 6th position with 47 points – everything is still possible here, because, as Götz explains, “the next races at Zandvoort and on the Sachsenring should also suit our Mercedes-AMG GT3 well…”

The MANN-FILTER Team HTP was also able to make a significant leap forward in the team ranking. Team boss Norbert Brückner is satisfied: “The third podium finish this weekend is of course a great thing. Markus and Max did a fantastic job, as did Maxi and Indy, to whom I have to apologize. With this incredible power concentration of 30 vehicles within one second in qualifying, all teams are forced to operate at their limits. Unfortunately, we gambled away and the Red Flag also punished us. All in all the Nürburgring was good to us. No team has scored more points here than we have. In the drivers’ standings we returned to the title fight and took the lead in the team standings. We are looking forward to the next races, in which we would also like to have a word to say about the podium places”.

We are also still in a yellow-green joy tumbling about the outcomes of this amazing weekend and can’t wait to see our mambas back on the track for the next ADAC GT Masters 2018 race weekend which will take place from 17 to 19 August in Zandvoort, the Netherlands.