After the victory in Most the racing crew from Altendiez is ready to compete at Red Bull Ring in Austria. With both Mercedes-AMG-GT3 a victory is in reach to stable the leadership in the ADAC GT Masters team rating.

Motivated from the first victory since the return of HTP Motorsport into the “League of Supercars” the MANN-FILTER Team HTP is starting into the 3rd weekend of the ADAC GT Masters season 2018. It will take place at June 9th / 10th in Spielberg, Austria. Markus Pommer (27, Neckarsulm) and Maximilian Götz (32, Uffenheim) have not only taken second place in the drivers’ championship in the “MANN-FILTER-Mamba” with start number #47 in their last win in the czech Most, but also together with the Teammates Maximilian Buhk (25, Hamburg) and Indy Dontje (25, Netherlands) in the sister car with #48 brought the lead in the team classification of the ADAC GT Masters.

“Of course we’d like to reach the podium – the hunt for the win has started”, Markus Pommer tells ambitiously. In former years he used to drive other car models, that’s why he knows about the quality of the Mercedes-AMG-GT3. Although the Mercedes might not be the fastest when it comes to ultimate speed, but Pommer is positive. Instead, he praises the tremendous torque of the 6.2-liter V8 engine. “Last year I experienced it from competitors’ perspective and in my opinion the Mercedes-AMG-GT3 is really strong in curves and on hills. Besides, the car is very strong thanks to the high downforce on the brake and in the fast corners of the second and third sector. If we are all doing a good job both MANN-FILTER Mambas will be competitive.”

As always when the competition is strong, the qualifying of the ADAC GT Masters plays a big role. Pommer says: “The balance in the field is high, the drivers are all good, the balance of performance fits among the different vehicles. If you want to have the lead everything has to be perfect – the training, the start, the pit stops. But the qualifying is most important. Whoever has to drive last has probably no chance to reach a good result.”

Pommer as a GT specialist has not only adapted to his new equipment, but also with his team mate Max Götz he gets along very well. “We are in very good harmony and have similar preferences regarding vehicle tuning. But you have to say that I hold back in the beginning due to unfamiliarity of the Mercedes set up. This can be complicated, because the Mercedes-AMG-GT3 has a slightly understeering design. If you want to have a neutral balance, because you are more used to it, you have to worse the rear axle which may influences the general performance. So I relayed on the experiences of Max. If he can drive fast with a special set up I have to do it, too. And the past has shown that this strategy worked out…”.

Overall Markus is looking forward to the racing weekend on the 4,3 km long route in the beautiful Steiermark. Undoubtedly a big audience will join the Red Bull Ring to have a great view on the spectacular racing, which is – thanks to the topography – fantastic. “The route is full of possibilities: spacey, fast curves and perfect places to overtake in sector one. Of course we are under pressure to be as successful as in Most, that’s not making it any easier. But the goal is clearly the win.”

Both one hour races with mandatory pit stop (starting Saturday at 13:15 and Sunday at 13.08) will be broadcasted live by SPORT1. The television channel also broadcasts all evaluation runs of the ADAC GT Masters season 2018.