The 2019 motorsport season started on the weekend of 11-12 January with the Dubai 24-Hour Race. The desert marathon of the United Arab Emirates took place for the 14th time this year. The MANN-FILTER Mamba participated successfully, leading to a class victory.

The driver team around the Austrians Alexander Hrachowina (40, Vienna) and Martin Konrad (40, Vöcklabruck), the Dutchman Indy Dontje (26, Alkmaar) and the German DTM record champion Bernd Schneider (54, Bottighofen/CH) ensured the 7th place in the overall standings with a yellow-green Mercedes-AMG GT3 with starting number 25 and won the A6-AM classification, in which amateur and professional drivers share a cockpit. The constantly fast driving style of the driver team as well as the excellent work of the pit crew helped the MANN-FILTER Mamba to the victory – despite the highly competitive situation of 24 GT3 cars as well as the challenging traffic of a total of 75 vehicles on only 5.39 kilometers of track length.

The extremely high pass-through frequency with a total of 595 laps in 24 hours is noteworthy in particular, which corresponds to a distance of slightly more than 3200 kilometers and makes the MANN-FILTER Mamba the best representative among all participating Mercedes racing cars.

German DTM record champion Bernd Schneider sums up the marathon in a positive mood: “Our Mercedes-AMG GT3 was running like clockwork for 24 hours, the guys in the pits did a perfect job as usual, and we, the drivers managed to get around the hassle. We didn’t get even one scratch on our car. As always in Dubai, it was extremely difficult not to get stuck anywhere in the heavy traffic and to maintain a good rhythm – especially at night, which is particularly long in this race. After all, we drive here almost five hours longer in the dark than at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. I didn’t drive in daylight for one minute in the race… Once again, it was a great event, being part of it was a lot of fun and we’re really happy about the class victory.”

The HTP team boss Norbert Brückner also conveys the joy: “In view of the well-known long-distance qualities of the Mercedes-AMG GT3, our experienced squad and the strong drivers, we had certainly high hopes for a good result. I’m very happy that it even resulted in class victory and that we were the best Mercedes team in the end. A great compliment to all who have contributed to this achievement. We simply regard this success as a good omen for the upcoming season and are looking forward to the races.”

As usual, further news about this year’s season will be available in our MANN-FILTER Motorsport Blog.