After the first day of the ADAC GT Masters race at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, the MANN-FILTER Team HTP with Maximilian Götz and Markus Pommer secured the preliminary lead in the drivers’ standings and also defended the lead in the team standings.

Markus Pommer and Maximilian Götz on the MANN-FILTER Mamba #47 started from P6. After a good start, Pommer initially lost a few positions: “The initial phase was quite turbulent,” he reported. “I had a very good start, but was then hit several times and was held up by incidents. Then I tried to drive clean behind Indy. The pace was good, although the 20 kilo extra weight we had in the car was of course not helpful. But in the end, of course, we are very satisfied with 6th place and the lead of the standings.” Mr. Götz added: “Collecting points, collecting points, collecting points – that must be our motto. We have seen how many incidents have occurred today. Our car also got some damage, but was still fast enough to grab the BMW and put pressure on the Audi. I hope we can qualify for one of the first two rows tomorrow. Then things are possible again. And it won’t be settled until the final at Hockenheim anyway.”

Indy Dontje and Maximilan Buhk had problems with the #48 in the second Mercedes-AMG GT3 today and unfortunately could not take any points. Starting from P11, Dontje managed to make up some positions and even overtake his sister car. Up to the pit stop window he fought some duels and advanced into the middle scores except for P6. The handover to his team mate Maxi Buhk went smoothly and the team made a perfect pit stop. Buhk also made a good start, but spun during an overtaking manoeuvre and fell far behind. In the end, there was only a disappointing 26th place. “Too bad, I enjoyed every round. The mamba was really fast,” Dontje regretted. Buhk took the spin on his head: “I had real pressure from behind and wanted to pass the opponent in front of me quickly, but had to try it in the infield because he was too fast on the straight. Unfortunately, the attack didn’t work and I spun. I’m sorry for Indy and the team who did a great job before. But I had to try. It’s a shame the car was really fast in the race.”

Accordingly, HTP team boss Norbert Brückner draws a mixed conclusion from the first Zandvoort race: “The fact that we are now leading both the team and driver standings is of course a nice thing, albeit no more than a snapshot in the fight for the championship. Markus and Max made the best of the situation today. Too bad Maxi’s manoeuvre went wrong. But when the person in front defends himself so vehemently, it doesn’t work without some risk. Now we will do everything we can to get a good qualifying tomorrow morning with Götz and Buhk – and then we will attack again in race 2”.

The entire MANN-FILTER team will of course be back tomorrow and keep their fingers crossed on site or in front of the TV. Of course we hope for your continued support, dear fans – we are happy if you give us strength, join in the fever and cheer for our MANN-FILTER Mambas!

The second race of the ADAC GT Masters Zandvoort starts on Sunday at 1.08 pm. As always, you can follow the race live on SPORT1 or online in the live stream on, or