For MANN-FILTER and HTP Motorsport another race is on the agenda for the upcoming weekend: The 6-hour qualifying race for the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race 2019 will take place at Nuerburgring – and the goal of our Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER is the blue lamp. Raffaele Marciello, Christian Hohenadel and Lance David Arnold will take a seat behind the wheel of the MANN-FILTER Mamba in the Eifel while their team mate Götz will fight to repeat of last year’s success at the ADAC GT Masters in Most/CZ.

The countdown for the big Eifel marathon has begun: With 24-hour qualifying race the rehearsal for the ADAC TOTAL 24-hour race Nürburgring on 22/23 June – which represents one of the declared season highlights for MANN-FILTER and HTP Motorsport – will take place on Sunday. The Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER and their four top pilots Maximilian Götz (33, Uffenheim), Christian Hohenadel (42, Quierschied), Lance David Arnold (32, Duisburg) and Raffaele Marciello (24, Italy) in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 with the starting number 48 will face what is probably the biggest challenge in endurance motorsport – 24 hours on the most beautiful and most difficult race track in the world: the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

The 24-hour qualifying race is the last opportunity to prepare for the upcoming 24-hour adventure in the Green Hell with the yellow-green MANN-FILTER Mamba. By the way, the starting positions for the main event in June are not at issue in this race, even though it’s name might suggest that. The focus for all teams is rather on developing a good basic setup for the racing car as well as practicing and perfecting the processes that are so important in a long-distance race.

However, the Mercedes-AMG Team MANN-FILTER has set itself a special goal for the 24-hour qualifying race: The participation in the Top-Qualifying – the individual time practice on Friday evening before the ADAC TOTAL 24-hour race – should be secured in advance, as well as the important “blue lamp” as well. In the race – especially during the night – this blue light signals slower vehicles that a fast car from the top group is approaching. The criteria for the participation in the top qualifying and thus also for the receipt of the blue lamp have changed this year: A total of nine starting positions will be allocated in the 24-hour qualifying race – three to for fastest in qualifying and six more in the race, whereby the decisive factor is not the placement but the theoretically fastest lap. That’s the addition of the best sector times of each vehicle. Sounds complicated – and so it is. 😉

For Norbert Brückner, whose team HTP Motorsport is once again responsible for the yellow-green MANN-FILTER Mamba, two aspects are important: “We want to use the qualifying race as the last important practice run for the 24-hour race, work out a good setup for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and prepare ourselves and the entire team for this enormous challenge. The position in the qualifying race is of secondary importance. But the second goal is clear: “I want the blue lamp…!”

The start of the 24h qualifying race takes place on Sunday (19.05.) at 12pm. You can follow the race live via stream and timing – for example on