The MANN-FILTER Mamba in the living room? It’s possible, thanks to Joachim Weiß, Silvano Qualatrucci and son Matteo. They presented parts of their fan made mini model collection at the Nürburgring 24h Racing.

With functioning lighting systems and remote-controlled the small cars of the handicrafts seem to be like a real MANN-FILTER Mamba! During the 24h-race at the Nürburgring the model builder Joachim Weiß, Silvano Qualatrucci and his son Matteo (10 years old) presented their models at the MANN-FILTER Hospitality. “More than 300 hours of work is necessary for one model”, Joachim Weiß told. And this effort is visible: every detail is clear and realistic! Highlight of this show is the MANN-FILTER Truck that is carrying the current MANN-FILTER Mamba. The tailgate opens fully automatically. Son Matteo is remote-controlling routinely just as he would never have done something else.

The trio from Gaggenau built – among other models – our current Mercedes AMG GT 3 and the truck semitrailers in format 1:14, but also the MANN-FILTER VW Bus and the former model from last year in format 1:10.

The mini models are a result from passion. It started with pure interest in model building already at school. Then the enthusiasm in motorsport hit in and got combined with the handcraft hobby. The result is impressive and not only the team of MANN-FILTER is inspired, but also our drivers themselves are fascinated. And the effort is rewarded: Matteo joins a meet and greet with our drivers Indy Dontje, Maximilian Götz, Renger van der Zande and Christian Hohenadel. The signed caps and photos will stay in memory for a long time. And it continues – the next projects are already in preparation.

We are thankful for this proof of one’s fan loyalty and looking forward to the next Meeting!